My code curriculum

As I lurch haltingly forward on my journey to code, I have been seriously pondering how to structure my learning.
     My background in education, and piles of parents' money spent getting bachelors and masters degrees, helped me understand that this was a real question. Two questions, actually.
  1. Would an intentional approach help me be more successful? 
  2. What model might I use? 
     Answer to question 1 - Yes.
     For the answer to question 2, I looked back to the science courses I took in undergraduate school.
     After surviving a dozen or so science course syllabi, a pattern clearly emerged.  The knowledge was usually passed along using the following structure
  • History, nomenclature and related disciplines
  • Lab procedures
  • Theory and application
Modifying this structure for code, a framework for learning codes would look like
  • History, Syntax and related disciplines 
  • Work habits
  • Theory and tutorials 
Except, I feel that work habits are my biggest challenge so I'm putting those first - because I can! So...
  • Work habits
  • History, Syntax and related disciplines 
  • Theory and tutorials
    Going forward, I'll be pulling together some useful links using this framework, first stop - Work Habits. 

Ode to the Encore Coder

Once I built a supply chains, made them run, inventory just in time
Once I built a supply chains, now I'm done, maybe now it's coding time
Once I did consulting, helped my clients' business run, built up their bottom line
Once I did consulting, now I'm done, maybe now it's coding time

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