Work habits cirriculum

As I learn more about improving my coder work habits, one thing becomes painfully clear. From the perspective of a coder with good work habits, I suck.  I double super suck.  If I were a vacuum, I'd really clean the house.
     So that's what I need to do - clean house.  It's time to start a new approach to work and step one is to toss out the old dive in mentality.
     In my research, I learned quite quickly that I am not the only aspiring coder who feels this way.  As another intrepid souls has said:
     I'm beginning to feel that my working/coding habits are more haphazard and cumbersome than they should be -- sometimes I find myself tripping over my own shoelaces. "Where did I make that change? Where did I see that function? Oh, should I just scroll until I find it?"  I've realized that if I'm going to continue in this line of work, I need to develop some better habits and strategies.
     So to that end, here are my favorite 8 readings on the 2, 4, 5, 5,7,10,10 and 10 work habits for good coders:

Ode to the Encore Coder

Once I built a supply chains, made them run, inventory just in time
Once I built a supply chains, now I'm done, maybe now it's coding time
Once I did consulting, helped my clients' business run, built up their bottom line
Once I did consulting, now I'm done, maybe now it's coding time

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