Knowing your why

One of the reasons I hadn't pursued a coding career before was that I flunked all (and I mean every single one) of the well-worn 'aptitude' tests.
  • I don't like story problems
  • I'm not a good speller
  • I don't exhibit ice-cold logic
  • I have no idea how many times a day a clock’s hands overlap
  • I didn't know the significance of 'dead beef'
  • I would probably take me too long to noodle 2 to the power of 64
     I did, however, like to do research, I like to tinker and know why manhole covers (sexist!) are round - and thus began my quest.
     And, because "I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!" At least, they like me when I fix their screwed up website, reorganize their messy server or help them change the blog template that had been driving them crazy for a month. 

For the definitive answer, I turned to Google and found

» Vivek Haldar offers this Q&A
Why you would want to program at fifty (or any other age)
"This is ultimately a question which can only be answered by looking inwards."

» The New York Times weighs in with the typically weighty
Leaving the Comfort Zone to Learn Computer Code
"...there is a cadre of people in their 40s and 50s who... see coding as the way to job security."

» We can look at the question as an ancient meme
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Does Age Matter in Learning Web Design?
"Every great web designer in the world started from what you are now – newbies. If they can do it, why can’t you."

» We could also consult the classic click-bait headline authority
5 Reasons You Are NOT Too Old To Learn To Code
"You should learn to code because you think it’s fun and you want a bigger challenge in your life (see 'you’re not dead yet')."

» And my favorite, the definitive
Am I Too Old to Learn Programming?
"No, you are not too old to learn programming."
So there's that!

     Oh, and because I always switch to 'edit in HTML' to get these posts to look just the way I want.

Ode to the Encore Coder

Once I built a supply chains, made them run, inventory just in time
Once I built a supply chains, now I'm done, maybe now it's coding time
Once I did consulting, helped my clients' business run, built up their bottom line
Once I did consulting, now I'm done, maybe now it's coding time

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